Mar.11- Mar.12
Mar. 11
It was a day-off today.
When I did shopping Odakyu OX Supermarket near my house, the terrible earthquake broke out.
I felt the most terrible shock in my life.
However, all of us in the supermarket were safe and I went home quickly.
The electric power went down.
I tried to take a contact to my shop but couldn't.
Telephone service was also down.
I tried and tried to send e-mail to the shop and many friends.
At last, I succeeded to contact the shop and all staff in the store were safe.
The shop was also safe except seven bottles of wine broken.

I cooked dinner and had it without electric power.
I found I could almost nothing to do without electric.

Again, I tried and tried many time to contact many friends but it was very difficult.
I felt many, many, so many afterquakes all night long.

Mar. 12
I went to my shop in the morning.
Fortunately, I knew all of the staff were safe.
The member of staff in the shop yesterday went home on foot last night taking three - four hours.

The wine stock at the warehouse in Yokohama broke a lot.
However, I am happy to hear that everybody there are also safe.
The store opened but closed earlier than usual.
We also felt a lot of afterquakes.

Because I was in no electric power situation, I didn't watch TV.
I saw the worst first time on TV. I lost all my words.

I couldn't contact many friends.
I am so disappointed that I can't find what I can do now....