I took Merce & Tony to Mt.Fuji, who are the owner brother & sister of Oriol Rossell in Spain.
Keiko, who is a member of staff of mine, speaks Spanish very well, joined to the party, too.

I arrived at Lake Kawaguchi and saw beautiful Mt.Fuji.
Then we moved to Katsunuma, the main wine land in Japan.

Merce & Tony saw Japanese vineyard first time and surprised its unique culture style.
We visited to Haramo winery first, a very small but very excellent family winery.We saw beautiful vineyards site from the deck of the winery. They seemed to like Koshu wine very much here.

We tried to have Houto at lunch, very unique local pasta in Yamanashi, and enjoyed a lot.
Then we visited to Erinji, a very famous old Buddha temple.
We enjoyed a very nice, holly atmosphere a lot.

At last, we visited to Kizan Winery near by the temple.
Kizan is a very small but very excellent family winery.
Because of very nice and very small product, the wine is one of the most difficult to find and buy.
Merce & Tony looked to be very surprised to see everything here.
It was a busy short trip but we enjoyed very much.

Thank you very much for Merce & Tony to come here. Hope that this friendly association will continue !