A small trip to Kawagoe

Apr. 20

It was a day-off.




I went to Kawagoe, an old town North-West Tokyo, for a sight-seeing.




I had a very fine Unagi lunch.

I tasted it after a long waiting.




So delicious!





Then I went to Kitain Temple, an old Shogun’s temple.




Then I went to Shinsen-Ichiba TOP and found me.

They deal many Cave de Relax wines.

Thank you very much!





It was a so nice small trip.



After I came home, I cooked dinner.



Steamed Crab




Acqua Pazza




I forgot to buy clams I always use for cooking Acqua Pazza.

Then I use steamed crab soup instead of clam soup.




The cook was so great!

It was a really chance hit.





1st Marufuji Winery Koshu Kamoshi 2016

I bought this at the winery last week.

It is made by same as a red wine making.

It was fermented by whole Koshu grapes with wild yeast.

I was surprised at seeing the pink color in the grass.

I didn’t know that Koshu become such a beautiful color wine.




It’s a very fine Koshu wine.

I felt a charming red fruits and fine tannins.

It showed a very well-balance.

If I taste this by blind, I never say it’s Koshu.


The label says the total products are only 503 bottles.




2nd Marufuji Winery Chariot D’Or 2008

This red is sold at only the winery, too.

It is made from 100% Merlot grown in Shiojiri Nagano.

I was surprised at finding a very fresh fruits even though over 8 years matured.

I enjoyed this elegant sweetness and complex matured flavors.

I want to say with a big voice “We have such super Merlot in Japan!”

The total products are only 1487 bottles.

How many bottles of this left at the winery?

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -