Skipped spring?

Apr. 18

After the heavy storm in the morning, it became a very hot day like summer.

Have we skipped spring?





1st Les Roches Blanches Muscadet S&M Sur Lie    2013. 1380 yen

I like this very fine citrus.

It is a very cool style of white wine. 

It was really good for a hot day today.

It also has rich fruits and fine minerals.

I was sure it is a very good Muscadet again.



2nd Cescon Pinot Nero 2014. 1320 yen 

We have received this Pinot Noir from Veneto with the new vintage.

Oh! It is a really, really fine Pinot Noir, isn't it?

It has the most concentrated fruits and body in the all vintages I have ever tasted.

It also has very charming red berrries and acidities.

It is a very rich and charming Pinot Noir.

The price is too much bargain, isn't it?

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -