Steamed Seafood Paella

Apr. 11

Even though it is the mid April, it was an unbelievably cold day today.



I cooked dinner.



Seafood Cocktail




Green Salad




Steamed Seafood Paella




Very good!




I prefer to the steamed rice than baked one.





1st Famille Lieubeau Muscadet 2015. 1380 yen

I felt a very well-balanced acidity and rich fruits.

I also felt very fine minerals.

It's tasty, very tasty.

I am sure again it's a very fine white wine.

If l taste this by blind, I can't say it is Muscadet.



2nd Famille Lieubeau Pinot Noir 2015. 1680 yen

You don't find a Pinot Noir from Nante Loir, do you?

At first, I didn't feel any taste.

At first, It was a so light style red wine.

However, in the big Burgundy glass, very elegant Pinot Noir taste came up.

Finally, I was sure that it is a very fine Pinot Noir.

I love this charming red berries.

So delicious!


- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -