I am going to buy this!

Apr. 13

I cooked dinner.



Bonito Carpaccio



Green Salad



Wagyu Steak with Grilled Takenoko



Very good!





1st Bailly La Pierre Cremaint de Bourgogne Reserve NV  Sample Tasting

What a fine Cremaint de Bourgogne is this!

It is an amazingly delicious sparkling wine.

Acutually, almost all Cremaint de Bourgogne we find in Japan are produced by OEM factoriies.

But this cremant is produced by the winery themselves.

The winery is located in the north end in Burgundy near the south end Champagne.

They say the first Cremant de Bourgogne was born in their village named Bailly.

Anyway, it is a so fine sparkling wine.

I love the elegant fruits, creamy babbles and fine minerals very much.

It has a far higher quality than ordinary Champagnes, I think.

I must buy this!



2nd Alpha Loire Patte de Chat   Pinot Noir 2016 Sample Tasting

This sample bottle is also very fine.

It is made from 100%Pinot Noir grown in Touraine, Loire.

I felt a very fresh aroma, charming red berries, nice acidity and silly tannin.

It has all of the tastes, I want to have with fine Pinot Noir wine.

It is very tasty.

I am going to buy this, too.

- お酒は20歳を過ぎてから! -